Five reasons to play paintball in the winter

October 21st, 2010


1. Fall for cover. Autumn is the most glorious season to play paintball. Crisp mornings, low sun glistening through the trees and dew on the ground. And depending on the colours you wear, the browns and the yellows can provide some much-needed camouflage.

2. Indoor Laser. Not old enough to play paintball? Play the game that has all the excitement and is played outdoors – just like paintball – Laser Combat. You can play from the age of 8years.  click here

3. Extra protection. Because it’s autumn, there’s the chance to wear another layer of protection, and blame the weather. And when you tell friends how brave you are playing paintball in the cold, they will be even more impressed. Hero or what?

4. Slip sliding away. As the above video shows, people can just occasionally make fools of themselves playing paintball. So here’s a ready made excuse: ‘Sorry I shot my teammate in the butt. I just lost my footing in the mud.’

5. Don’t make yourself even more miserable. The nights are getting darker and the weather is coming over all grey and cold. Why add to the misery by stopping something you enjoy? Get out there. If you want to try paintball, click here.


  1. Omar says:

    When I started reading this I assumed it was going to be filled with boring information, but actually it turned out to be really interesting. good job!

  2. Donald says:

    Hello after I have read an article like this one, I have come to realize that I need improve my game.

  3. Jen Robinson says:

    Great Post – very COOL!!!

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