How can I start clay pigeon shooting?

August 23rd, 2013

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‘Where can I do clay pigeon shooting?’ was a question asked by Steve, a 49-year-old fireman from the West Midlands, who has been reading Adrenamag’s articles on clay pigeon shooting. Steve, who has always wanted to shoot clays, and would like to organise a day’s shooting to celebrate his 50th birthday, also asked: ‘What simple tips can you give me about clay pigeon shooting. And should I have lessons before we go?’

Adrenamag took these queries to Tom, a 25-year veteran in teaching novices to shoot on stag-parties and corporate days out. Tom said: ‘I always say to people have a go at clay pigeon shooting – after all that’s the best lesson there is. Get the feel of the sport and see if you like it.’

‘Do you need a shot gun licence to shoot clays?’ Steve asked. ‘No,’ said Tom. ‘If you buy a gun and shoot regularly, then you will need one, but you will not need a licence for a day’s shoot.’

Tom’s tip for better clay pigeon shooting

1.     Listen to advice. Very basic, but we get a lot of guys – and it is guys – in stag parties who just want to blast off. Take the time out to listen and you will be a better shot.

2.     Keep an eye open. Find out which is your dominant eye – your instructor will help with this.

3.     Put your whole body into it. The skill of shooting is moving smoothly – not snatching. This means moving your whole body.

4.     Line up the clay. Watch the line of the clay – or bird as we say here – see how high it is above the trees, etc. That way you can track the line of flight.

5.     Calm down. Shooting is about lowering the pulse and being clinical.

If you want to do clay pigeon shooting, click here.

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  1. Shooting - no licence required. says:

    I have been clay pigeon shooting for nearly three years and I don’t have a shot gun licence. I shoot twice a month and recommend it to anyone thinking of taking up the sport. It’s very addictive especially once you start hitting a few clays, you just want to get better and hit more. It’s an incredibly challenging experience. It’s also the best money for a morning out I ever spent.

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