If you’re looking for the most realistic warlike experience imaginable, then look no further than Airsoft.

Originating back in the 1980’s, Airsoft aimed to replicate the thrills of Paintball by providing war-lovers and wannabe war heroes with an authentic military experience. With the advancement of everyday technology, Airsoft has truly developed into an immerse combat sport that is able to fulfil your adrenaline-seeking needs as you grab a hold of realistic replica weapons and battle through military-themed game modes on a purpose-built battlefield.

Hugely popular across the world, there are millions of players who compete against one another in a custom league – taking the seriousness of the sport to a whole new level. If you’re looking to just enjoy the thrills of Airsoft in a non-competitive format, Airsoft Combat provides you with a list of battlefields near you, so you’ll be enjoying all the adrenaline-filled thrills of a ‘Call of Duty’ like experience in no time!

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