Laser Combat

laser combat
You have heard of paintball, well this is just as exciting and challenging but there is no pain. I can hear the paintball fraternity rise up as one voice – no pain, what a wet game. No boys it’s not. Maybe you don’t get covered head to toe with paint and you don’t sport the same number of bruises from the battle, but laser combat takes the best aspects of paintball and combines them with advanced laser technology to give you a game that pumps even the hardiest player full of adrenalin. Strategy is vital as teams creep up on the opposing side with their bellies to the ground inching their way forward to avoid the laser beams that trace the game zone. You have to make a move sooner or later but come within the shooting range of the other side and then be prepared to lose a life. You don’t need to feel the hit because your gun screams for you. Every session has several missions and team strategy is a must if you expect your team to raise the winners flag.
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