Laser Combat

Powered by advanced Laser technology, Laser Combat is the ultimate event for a wannabe war hero that’s looking to discover all the thrills of war!

Taking place on an authentic military battlefield, you’ll be tasked with overcoming a variety of military-themed challenges that aim to put your shooting skills to the ultimate test.

An amazing alternative to Paintball, Laser Combat is a popular activity for a number of reasons. Unlike Paintball, there’s no pain or mess involved since you fire Lasers. Secondly, there’s no added cost – you have unlimited ammunition! This is perfect for those that just want some trigger-happy fun as they continuously take shots at the opposition!

If you’re looking for places to enjoy the adrenaline-filled fun, look no further than Laser Strike. Laser Strike is the UK and Ireland’s largest Laser Combat provider, so you’re sure to find a battlefield near you.

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