paintballTrigger happy, crazy gun bunnies apply here. Paintball continues to be the number one adrenalin sport in the UK and that doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.

So how does the day pan out? After you arrive on site, you get kitted out with protective overalls, your mask, your paintball hopper and of course an automatic paintball marker (gun). After a full safety briefing (listen hard – this is for your safety), you are then split into teams. At the marshal’s instruction you leave the safety of the ‘safe zone’ in your specially supplied clothing, full face mask (on and never removed whilst you are in the game zones) and marker at the ready. On arrival at the first game zone, everyone scatters to their designated hideouts and then at the whistle it is game on.

Will you capture the flag, takeover the fort and win a victory for your team? At least four different missions in a half day and eight in a full days play. Lunch is always provided as standard on a full day and refreshments and snacks are readily available. Some packages include paintballs and others don’t but whatever you start with there are always paintballs available to purchase on site to top up your supply.

Stand well back he comes a paintballer armed to the teeth and ready to take on all comers.

Want to try paintball? All your local venues are listed on the map below. If you want to search for another town, just change the location in the box and click search.

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