zorbingHurtling down steep hill in a huge rubber ball, strapped in or sloshing about is a a few litres of water. That’s Zorbing or Zorb Rolling or Sphering (as some people call it). The latest extreme sport to hit the UK people in their hundreds are booking in a rolling every day. The ball is specially constructed to cushion and suspend you as you roll at speeds of up to 30miles an hour down specially constructed or adapted hills.

You can choose between ‘Harness Zorbing’ or ‘Aqua Zorbing’ The more extreme being Harness Zorbing as you move with the ball every inch and bump of the way. In an Aqua Zorb you are riding free, slipping and sliding in the water as the ball picks up speed and hurtles you down the hill. Pick your partner well on this option as it could get very intimate and of course very very wet!
Want to try Zorbing? See Map Below.

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