Bungee Jumping

Take the leap of faith from truly daunting heights as you take part in one of the world’s most extreme sports – Bungee Jumping!

This adrenaline-filled activity is a bucket-list activity for many due to its terrifying nature. Standing aloft a crane or a bridge, you’ll take the plunge to the water or ground below – falling at heart-racing speeds before you spring back up thanks to the massive elastic band that is attached to your ankles!

Considered even more extreme than Skydiving, Bungee Jumping is an excellent way to confront your fears. After you’ve done the experience, you’re sure to be overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria and a feeling of self-accomplishment which is sure to last a lifetime.

Despite its reputation, Bungee Jumping is extremely safe the equipment was thoroughly checked before, take the jump and you’re more likely to have an incident making your way to work encountering any dangers during your exhilarating experience!

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