A bucket-list activity of many, Skydiving is a must-do activity for all those that desire an adrenaline-rush like no other.

Climbing into a plane you’ll ascend to over 15,000 ft in the air and once you reach the optimum diving spot, you’ll sit with your legs dangling off the side of the plane. As you take a deep breath, you and your instructor will take the leap of faith, falling down to earth at heart-racing speeds! As the instructor pulls the parachute, you’ll gently blow across the sky-line – experiencing truly breath-taking views of the picturesque landscape that surrounds you!

Skydiving really is the ultimate activity. It seems completely mad and unnatural to take the dive out of an aeroplane, and you’re bound to feel incredibly nervous before the jump, but there’s no need to worry – you are more than likely to die crossing the road than you are doing a Skydive! Everyone knows the dangers of doing a Skydive and that’s why the venue’s check the equipment not once, twice, three times but they do multiple checks – they even have a backup parachute and don’t forget that you’re attached to a vastly experienced jumper that has done hundreds of jumps before.

Taking part in a Skydive is guaranteed to provide you with a sheer sense of euphoria and self-accomplishment as you confront your fears and overcome them.

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