Horse Riding

horseNot an extreme experience when you first look at it but learning to ride a horse opens up a whole host of experiences for you from bare back riding, trails through wild and far flung places to Trick Riding and Horse Surfing.

Trick Riding is basically gymnastics on horse back. First developed by the cossacks in the Ukrain around about 1000 AD. The Cossacks first used these tricks in battle as a way to out smart infantry and as a form of pyscological war fare, sometimes charging into battle whilst standing in the saddle. During the Late 1800’s and early 1900’s trick riding was a major sport in America with people adapting saddles to perform one off tricks much like motor X to day. In the Last 100 years the numbers of trick riders have dwindled and now the only trick riders are professional performers working in films and live stunt shows.

Horse surfing was born in Newquay in 2005 when a guy named matt Smith was the first person in the world to tow a kite board behind a horse. Since then the media interest attracted followers from all over the world.

So saddle up and learn the basics and you too can enter the world of extreme horse riding. Extreme horse riding lessons are only available in Devon at the moment but the word is spreading.

If you’re wanting to find a place that does Horse Riding near you, simply click here and you’ll be enjoying the majestic feeling of riding a horse in no time.

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