Off Road Karting

Possessing the adrenaline-fueled thrills of Karting and combining that with the unpredictability of an off-road track, this activity is guaranteed to provide a petrol-head with a thrilling driving experience!

Taking place just about anywhere, off-road karting is an amazing hobby to have. Blistering through tailor-made circuits with your nimble kart, you’ll be able to explore nature at its finest whilst experiencing a challenging ride as you dip and duck your way through the plethora of natural obstacles that encompass the treacherous terrain of the woodlands.

As well as being able to compete professionally, off-road Karting is available to do at a number of venues across the UK and Ireland – so you and your competitive mates can team up and battle it out against one another as you finally find out who’s the best driver in the group!

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