Quad Biking

quad bikingThese powerful little beasts have to been seen (and ridden) to be believed! With devilish engines under the hood and spectacularly responsive handling, time aboard a quad ranks high on the list of the most adrenalin-charged pursuits out there! Careering down embankments, negotiating dirt tracks and flying across open countryside is all par for the course for a quad biking session!

Then there are challenges, which consist of natural and man-made obstacles and tasks that the rider has to tackle on rough terrain or on specially designed circuits. Finally a few UK venues offer quad racing, which is exactly what it says it is – racing against your fellow riders on special race tracks.

Ages vary. Some venues only cater for adults but more and more operators realise that the kids want to start early and offer rides from 6years of age.

Want to try Quad Biking? Your local quad sites are listed below on the map (just click). For other areas of the UK change the location in the box and click search.

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