Tough Guy 2011

Next Event: 30th January 2011
The phenomena of Tough Guy© has now evolved into cult status with mythical legends to a world wide audience and competitors from every continent coming here to try to beat this ordeal and enjoy the unique spirit of our friendship and amiability.

We are set in over 150 acres of fertile land where spring waters will wash away your miseries and replace them with smiles of achievement .

Each year a new theme is built into Tough Guy so it will always be a physically challenging, mentally demanding, fear inducing, visual spectacular. After you have taken part you will understand why thousands keep coming back, year after year to experience some of the most demanding yet rewarding challenges of their life!

The organisers have searched the world for military and security forces to find any unit with a more demanding ONE DAY survival training ordeals that they have already in Tough Guy. The US Navy S.E.A.L.S. ‘Grinder’ Assault Course is the nearest rival. We admire that no S.E.A.L. would ever desert a colleague and that on completion of each endurance discipline they shout ‘Hoo-yah’, their own unique cry of triumph. Tough Guy has the same Buddy Devotion and now we have our own cry – ‘Yohimbe’. Only on completion of the event will you be told the meaning of the word.

Tough guy is open to individual men, women and teams, aged 15years and over (under 18years must be accompanied by a parent). The event is uniquely fear ridden and you need to be fit in both body and spirit to survive the ordeal. You will not be alone, thousands will be by your side. There you will find the true spirit of Tough Guy.


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