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extreme horse ridingThere’s about 2,000 calories in your average Christmas meal. Add in the petit fours, a brandy and an extra pre-dinner drink and you could stretch it to 3,000. The UK Department of Health estimated average requirements recommend a daily calorie intake of 1,940 calories per day for women and 2,550 for men. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out if you’re a porker. The good news is that you’ve got 364 days to get rid of it before you do it all again.  Here’s ten ways to burn into your 3,000 extra festive calories.

1. Six hours’ extreme horse riding. Riding a horse is harder than you think, in fact, it’s more like riding a bike. And think how toned those thigh muscles will be.

2. 36 hours’ 4×4 off-roading. You might be driving fast, but this is the slow burn way to weight loss.

3. Five hours’ wall climbing and abseiling. The experts say thatthe heavier you are the more calories you burn. But if you’ve really indulged over Christmas – make sure no one is standing beneath you when you’re abseiling down. It’s safer that way.

4.  Seven hours’ laser combat. Take the war to the flab, and shoot a few friends while you’re at it.

5. Six hours 30 minutes’ skiing. Get in shape for the slopes, improve your skiing and watch the pounds come tumbling down.

6. Eight hours’ skateboarding. Good for the balance and co-ordination. But don’t wear your cap backwards unless you’re under the age of 16, please.

7. Six hours’ snowboarding. Apparently shivering makes you burn more calories, if you can stand it.

8. 32 hours’ quad biking. At least this is a faster calorie burn than watching TV, which would take about 40 hours to write off your Christmas lunch.

9. Seven hours’ high ropes walking.Of course, you don’t want to spend the whole day up there, spread it out over a few weekends.

10. Six hours 30 minutes’ zorbing. Kissing apparently eats up 150 calories every one-and-a-half hours, so if you want to zorb with your partner, you could increase the burn further.

Here’s the sober bit. Obviously, the above are estimates and the number of calories burned does vary depending on an individual’s body weight. So, want to look at the most exciting activity options available in the UK? THEN CLICK HERE

The 12 (extreme sporting) days of Christmas

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12 gift ideas to get your true love’s heart beating this Christmas. And, the only smelly stuff is mud, sweat and burning rubber. Of course, if your other half really wants a pair of socks and a jumper with a reindeer on, they can always buy it in the sales – it’ll be cheaper and they can’t blame you.

1.  Tank you, darling. Forget the tank tops your granny used to buy you, how about getting on top of a tank and driving it? It’s the ideal gift for the true love who doesn’t like things getting in his or her way. And they’ll love it so much they may just turn their fire on you.

2. Drive your true love wild. If your partner has shown an unhealthy interest in the BBC’s Top Gear this year, treat them to a spin in one of these fabulously priced cars. An Aston Martin DB9 or a Ferrari Spider with a new V8-engine may not normally be on your partner’s Christmas list. But a day’s spin at a racing circuit could set them all a-flutter.

3. An ab-zorbing idea. Recreate that ‘head over heels in love’ feeling.Book a day’s zorbing for two. You get to roll around together in a large plastic bubble. For even more laughs try wet zorbing. You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other as you tumble across the water. But do make it clear this gift is for your partner – not you.

4. Big-shot clays. Clay pigeon shooting is a winter-warming pursuit – and an activity that is increasingly enjoyed by couples. So there’s another excuse to buy yourself a present.

5. Bulls-eye with archery. If your partner is one of the 44,000 adults in the UK that would like to try their hand (or arm) at archery, you could just have fired Cupid’s arrow.

6. Paint it red. Paintballing is an old favourite. And let’s be honest, probably more for the guys than the girls this Christmas. But if your partner is expecting the same old socks and roll-neck jumper, it might just fire them into action.

7. Kart them off. Karting is a pulse-racing activity for couples, family and friends. So this could be your gift to the whole family.

8. Rope me in. High ropes are an increasingly popular activity with professional people as they, nervously, try conquering their fear of heights in the tree canopy. Does that sound like your partner?

9. Monster present. Monster truck driving is one to talk about all year. And while you’re at it, you could get them a tattoo.

10. On cloud nine. Drift through the clouds with a tandem skydiving experience. It’s one of those 50 things to do before you die.  Of course, it does marginally increase your chances of not reaching the end of the list. But hey, you only live once.

11. Ride into the muddy sunset. Winter is a great time to start quad biking, so if your partner is new to it, this may be the time to dunk them in the mud.

12. Up, up and away. If your partner is a poetic, reflective sort, they may prefer a good old-fashioned balloon flight and together you can gaze out on the world. Of course, you will have to wait for a fine day to do it but it’s rarely disappointing.

13. Let them choose. No, we are not cheating: there are only 12 activities on the list but there’s one more option.  Let your partner pick the activity by getting them activity vouchers. It could be lucky 13.

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Paintballing for softies

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For those who play paintball to live dangerously, the statistics may come as a bit of disappointment. According to the US National Safety Council, paintball is safer than bowling with both scoring less than one accident in every 1,000 participants. This compares to sports such as tennis and football, which respectively have 23 and 11 accidents in every 1,000 participants.

The UK’s Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) estimates that out of a million paintballers in the UK, there are only about 900 accidents a year. The majority of these mishaps being knee, ankle or foot sprains. However, RoSPA points out that in the US the most common injury is to the eye, largely caused by paintballers not wearing masks or removing the mask, inappropriately

International paintballer Chris Edwards, who has 20 years experience paintballing, says: ‘When youconsider injuries per 1,000, paintball is no more unsafe than playing any other sport.’

The fact that paintball in the UK is generally organised and regulated may be one reason for the low level of injuries.Steve Bull, chairman of the UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), which used to be known as the European Paintball Sports Federation (EPSF), and promotes best practice in the sport, said: ‘Paintball is like a lot of so-called extreme sports, because there is the possibility of injury, safety is taken more seriously. Most of the injuries that occur are not paintball related.’

Steve believes the best way to prevent injury in paintball is: ‘to book through a reputable site’.  He adds: ‘Look for a well-known chain and check they have three to five million public liability insurance. Most of these sites will also offer chest protectors for women or children  as well as organising the games to minimise close shots, which can cause bruising.’

The UKPSF’s Code of Practice outlines that a paintball area must be free from potential hazards, as far as is reasonably practicable, and that hazards have to be clearly marked and pointed out to players in a safety talk before they begin. Issues paintball providers need to consider include:

  • Stability of any buildings/structures on site
  • The equipment: meeting legal requirements, maintenance
  • Accessibility of the play area by general public
  • · Public liability insurance is essential.


1. Paintball       0.31

2. Bowling      0.50

3. Archery      0.66

4. Boating      0.92

5. Wrestling      1.09


1. Lacrosse      223.79

2. Baseball      27.67

3. US Football      27.50

4. Tennis      23.14

5. Basketball      22.04

Source: US National Safety Office

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Useful websites: https://www.ukpsf.com