10 Christmas gifts to quicken the pulse.

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Just what will the top Christmas gifts for 2013? What will blow the socks off the old pullover and hankies? Adrenamag shows you a selection of top Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to set the pulse racing and stop the family snoozing when they unwrap this Christmas.
FREE PIC- Santa at Edinburgh Climbing Arena 04Indoor Climbing

In no particular order:

1. Off-road karting. This is a top gift for a surge of adrenalin from the get-go. It places the rider in a monster of a kart and then challenges them to go at ridiculous speeds over rough terrain. Marvellous!

2. Clay pigeon shooting. For those who are stuck for what to buy teenagers who had done most things, clay pigeon shooting is a brilliant idea. Not only does it get them away from the computer and out into the fresh air, it will surprise them just how much they enjoy the experience.

3. Zorbing. A rollercoaster ride of emotions. The gift of a whirl in a zorb is like Christmas wrapped up into a large plastic ball. And, it gave the voucher holders something to look forward to after Christmas.

4. Horse Riding. The RSPCA warns against dogs as Christmas presents as they are often abandoned by Boxing Day. Here is an animal that is happy to be the centre of attention for just one day. Horse riding lessons.

5. Showboarding. Guarantee a white Christmas with a snowboarding lesson at a top indoor centre. This is a great introduction to the sport. A gift idea for any age. 

6. Skiing. A romantic gift idea. Many people like to go away skiing between Christmas and Easter, so join the jet set and take to the slopes (in the UK).

7. Paintball. When the fights break out at Christmas and you feel like shooting someone – do it! Get moving, hiding and shooting. Paintballis a great energy release for everyone aged 12yrs and over, and it will burn some off those pesky calories too.

8. Microlighting.  Microlighting gives you the same sensation. Take to the skies and let the crazy world below just drift away.

9. Segway. Oh yes! This is a superb gift, and an activity that very few people have tried.  You will be top of the nice list for this gift, that is for sure.

10. Anything they fancy. Can’t decide what on earth to give from all the incredible options? Easy, give an Activity Passport and let them choose themselves. Last on this list, but probably the best gift of all.

Adrenalin Activity Passport

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Need a Gift that Can’t Fail to Impress? How About an Activity Passport from the Biggest Activity Network in the UK?

A beautifully presented, full-colour Adrenalin Activity Passport that you can personalise with your own message. This will probably be the most exciting gift you will give this year and it is only three clicks away from arriving by email, or you can have it delivered. It’s your choice. This store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so it doesn’t matter how last minute your purchase.

Established in 1995, The Activity People is now the biggest and most diverse activity network in UK with over 883 venues. So, when you give an Adreenalin Activity Passport from The Activity People, you are giving the recipient the choice of taking part in any of those activities, anywhere in the UK – an unrivalled adrenalin activities gift.


The Activity People are the preferred activity network for Visit Britain, who put their trust in them to provide activities to UK travellers together with visitors from overseas. The Activity People’s numerous locations and activity diversity means they can also provide activity-based incentive and reward schemes to leading UK companies together with activity options for event managers, gift experience companies and stag and hen organisers.

Click here to buy a full colour, Adrenalin Activity Passport that will either be delivered instantly to your email address on completion of your purchase, or delivered to you or the person receiving the gift – your choice!

12 must-do sporting breaks for 2012

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How to make the most of weekends in 2011? What are this year’s hot weekend activities? Where to go for short break thrills? Here’s a list of 12 great weekend ideas for extreme fun to ensure every month is bursting with sporting adventure in the New Year.

1. Monster Truck Driving, Sussex.Tired of the traffic and ready to put your foot down in a big way? Monster trucks are a ‘bad ass’ weekend driving experience. From £226 for a two-and-half hour session, it isn’t cheap, but the memory is as big and bold as the US ‘Grizzly’ truck you could be steering. And it’s just about the only time you will be able to bully your way over two police saloon cars without an expensive trip to Her Majesty’s courts.

2. Water Spills, Scotland. No year is complete without an excursion into the wilds of Scotland. Spring snow melts make for a rush of water and adrenalin in rivers across the central belt and the Highlands, which make it great for white water rafting. Prices start from around the £50 mark. And, while you’re up there, adding some canyoning and bungee jumping can make for an exhilarating weekend. The only difficulty is making sure it’s thawing and not still snowing.

3. Walking on water. Yes, really. You too can achieve the miracle of walking on water, courtesy of a plastic zorb. From about £20, the experience is a great buy and as the flotilla of You Tube videos testify, it’s the highlight of many a weekend.

4. Canyoning, Lleyn Peninsula, Wales. Canyoning or coasteering as some people call it, is a cross between mountain climbing, walking, pot-holing and swimming. Half-a-day’s canyoning is around £32.00. For that you get to make your way down a gorge in a wet suit, tackling obstacles as you go. But be warned, depending on the level of water, it can be a challenging activity requiring a high level of fitness. Maybe one to leave until later in the year, when you’re a bit fitter.

5. Riding, Oxfordshire. For those lucky enough to be born in the country, horses are akin to bicycles – transport that keeps you fit – but for the majority of UK urbanites, they are just creatures we lose money on at the bookies. A weekend visit to a riding school such as the one near Banbury can change all that. For around £30, you get a chance to ride indoor or outdoor, with qualified instructors at a centre approved by the Association of British Riding Schools.

6. Quad biking, Yorkshire. This Doncaster site is one of the UK’s most prestigious quad centres. Visitors get the chance bump and slide on Apache RLX 150cc, RLX 100cc and 50cc quad bikes over a disused quarry site. Prices start at around £25.

7. High Ropes, Devon. Close to Dartmoor National Park, the Tavistock high ropes course is another excuse to head to the west country for a weekend. The canopy-based activities offer challenges for different ages and levels of fitness, and start at £26.

8. Scuba-diving, Buckinghamshire. Scuba diving is a sport that is becoming more accessible and popular, particularly with the over 40s. And dipping a toe into the sport isn’t expensive. Less than £30 will be needed for an introductory session.

9. Ballooning, Lake District. William Wordsworth – one of the Lake District’s most famous sons – could have said: ‘I wandered lonely as a balloon.’ Surely, there can’t be a better way to view some of the UK’s finest scenery than perched in a balloon a few thousand feet in the air. Just imagine the poetry he may have come up with as he floated on high o’er vales and hills. Prices are around the £200 mark.

10. Off-road karting, Surrey. Just a short drive from the M25 is an off-road karting circuit without any traffic cones in sight. For between £80 and £90, you can rip up the mud and blow away all the memories of weekdays stuck on the M25. Proper driving that you can only dream about in the south east of England.

Employees shy away from exercise. Blush-proof ideas for corporate sporting events

Friday, October 22nd, 20101 Comment

One in three UK workers is too shy to get sweaty in front of colleagues according to a British Heart Foundation (BHF) survey. The BHF study, which looked at UK workplace exercise trends, revealed that over half of UK workers are desk-bound for most of the day with nearly 50 per cent eating lunch at their desks. According to the findings 81 per cent of UK workers fail to get the recommended amount of exercise a week.

With the UK government predicting that 36 per cent of men and 28 per cent of woman will be obese in five years, what’s the answer? The BHF survey suggests the workplace is the perfect location for keeping fit and active, with half of UK workers admitting they won’t travel more than 10 minutes from work or home to exercise.

Lisa Purcell, project manager for the BHF’s Health at Work Programme says: ‘Embarrassment shouldn’t prevent people from being healthy at work. You don’t have to don a lycra leotard to get fit and healthy, the payoffs from even simple changes like taking a walk at lunchtime are too great to ignore. Getting healthy during the working day means you are less stressed and better motivated.

‘Bosses need to understand there’s a massive return on investment here. Simple measures to improve the health of your workforce – like swapping tea-break biscuits for fruit, or getting the team together for a lunchtime kickaround in the car park – can improve productivity, reduce staff turnover, and mean fewer sick days.

‘We are calling on businesses to take their employee’s health and wellbeing seriously, and start reaping the rewards,’ she said.

The BHF Health at Work programme, sponsored by Legal & General, has already signed up more than 800 organisations. Employees from bin men to bank tellers are finding there’s no need for blushes when they’re all in it together.

Apprentice star

Claire Young has lost four stone since appearing on the BBC’s Apprentice. She says: ‘All companies need a fit workforce – a healthy mind is a productive mind. The more employers look after their staff, the better they will perform. It’s a great way to ensure a happier and healthier workplace.’

Five corporate sporting events for shy employees

1. Paintball. No need to worry about getting sweaty in front of work colleagues when playing paintball: the protective clothing will hide your blushes and save your face. If you want to fire your work colleagues into action, click here.

2. Karting. Karting is another sport where the more retiring office worker can hide behind the crash helmet and the overalls. Put your foot down and get your colleagues away from the desk for some exercise. It may be sitting down, but the blood is pumping. More and more offices have having their Christmas parties on the track. Check it out here

3. Clay pigeon shooting. Here’s a sport that’s more swanky than sweaty. Green wellies, tweeds, picnics, oh and there’s also the shooting. Clay pigeon shooting is the perfect mix of social and sporting for lots of work colleagues. Take a shot at it, click here.

4. Segway. Segway racing is a popular corporate event that doesn’t have to embarrass anyone. With the average British office worker spending so much time chained to their desks, a whirl in the countryside maybe just be what the doctor ordered. To take a ride, click here.

5. High Ropes. Tree walking is a corporate sporting event that is rising in popularity. And just like Tarzan and Jane, it is possible to still look cool, although the loin cloth is optional. To book, click here.

How to raise money for soldiers with extreme sports

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CHARITY Skydive 131333

Paratrooper Ben Parkinson is the most seriously injured British soldier to survive his wounds in Afghanistan. Yet on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the lance bombardier, who lost both legs and suffered brain injures during active service, jumped 15,000ft in a charity parachute jump.

Inspired by the paratrooper’s bravery, in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday on November 14, Activity People will be making a £1 donation to Help For Heroes for every group booking activity.

Rebecca Rudkin, business development manager at Activity People, said: ‘The real-life heroism of our troops in Afghanistan is inspiring to many of us. Parachute jumps, bungee jumps and the other extreme activities we offer are nothing compared to the day-to-day heroism of our troops on the frontline.

‘We hope to do our bit by raising some money for our brave troops,’ added Rebecca. ‘We will make a donation of £1 on every group booking an activity before Remembrance Sunday; they don’t necessarily have to do the activity before that date, just book it before then.

‘We are also hoping that many of the groups will take the opportunity to raise money for Help For Heroes by getting their activity sponsored  activity or collecting money on the day. We have every possible activity for them to choose from, and each member of the group can book onto the charity event as individuals making organisation less of a headache. So, how about a parachute jump, paintballing, karting, rally or off-road driving, quad biking, dirt buggy racing –  you name it we have the activity,’ said Rebecca.

If you want to book an activity, click here and quote H4H1.