Win Christmas activity vouchers

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Answer this simple question and you could win some activity vouchers, which are ideal for Christmas gifts. What is body flying. Is it A) Sky diving at lower levels. B) Floating in an air tunnel at 120 mph. C) A new kind of paragliding.

Send your answer – either A, B or C to  Closing date December 10 at midnight GMT.

Rise in numbers of women clay pigeon shooting

Friday, November 19th, 20101 Comment

The glorious 12th – the traditional start of the grouse shooting season in August – was always a time for men in their plus fours to go stomping off into the countryside wielding a rifle or two. Well, is the world of shooting – one of the last bastions of male power – falling to women clay pigeon shooters? It appears so.

Kathy is a 28-year-old recruitment executive from London. She took up ‘pigeon shooting’, as she calls it, after her company did a clay pigeon shooting day. ‘I loved it from the off,’ she says. ‘It is a terrific challenge, and being able to beat the men is an added bonus.’

Kathy’s instructor Andrew, who has been teaching people to shoot for over 20 years, is not surprised by the rise in the number of women interested in clay pigeon shooting. ‘Women are often better at shooting because they listen more and therefore they learn faster,’ he says.

‘Women are invariably surprised by the how good they are at shooting clays. I think this acts as an encouragement,’ adds Andrew.

Lesley Goddard, former English, British and World Universal Trench champion, says: ‘There’s no reason why a woman can’t be as good a shot as a man. The top women prove this all the time.’

Daniel Wroe, at The Big Shoot – the UK’s largest network of clay pigeon venues – has noticed an increased interest from women in clay pigeon shooting over the last few years. ‘There’s definitely been a rise in the number taking part, and feedback from women is also more positive than ever. Clay pigeon shooting is a very social day, which women enjoy,and it is a more technical sport than people realise, so female guile is an asset,’ says Daniel.

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Paintball guns on the big screen

Wednesday, November 17th, 20101 Comment

Paintball UK takes its lead from the US, just as the movie industry looks to Hollywood. Therefore, when you’re talking paintball games on the big screen, there’s only one place to start and end – the US.

Paintballers are divided on what is the best paintball movie ever made. For most paintballers it has to be Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story. Starring Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, Dannah Feinglass and directed and co-written by Brant Sersen, Blackballed is an improvised comedy that tells the tale of a disgraced US paintball star who attempts to return to competition. Andrew Leech network manager at Go Ballistic says: ‘If you’re a fan of comedies such as The Office or the US’s The Daily Show, this is the kind of film you’ll enjoy.’

Splat: In Your Face is another film beloved of paintballers. A teenage paintball romp, it is more of a hardcore paintball film. ‘It has some good film sequences and teenagers love it,’ says Leech.

Out now on DVD is Paintball: The Movie. It is the story of eight paintballers who innocently set off to a paintball tournament. Unknown to the paintballers, they have been chosen by a group called the ‘Organisation’ to take part in a 21st century version of a Roman festival. Like the slaves being fed to the lions, the paintballers are up against a killer with real ammunition. Reviews of the movie are mixed and that is being polite. ‘If I had a spare hour I’d rather play paintball,’ says Leech.

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