Extreme sport 2010 trend watch

Sunday, September 19th, 20101 Comment

What’s moving and shaking extreme sports enthusiasts? We take a look at some activities that are raising pulses on the sporting limits…and beyond.

Wave ski. Ron Urgandy, a recent contributor to Adrenamag wrotetoremind us of the attractions of waveski. He said: ‘If you don’t know about waveskiing it’s like a kayak and surfboard crossed.’ The basic concept is to marry paddle power with surfing thrust. As Big Ron says: ‘You are strapped in at the feet and the waist.’ This allows the waveskier to eskimo-role in the waves. The board is a touch wider than a surf board but shorter than a surf ski, which is often used to rescue stranded surfers.

Over recent years, there’s been an increasing number of waveski competitions. There are places you can give it a go. And, if you’re interested in trying water sports in general, here’s another link.

Volcano boarding

Ash boarding or volcano boarding is a relatively new extreme sport. Estimates are that 10,000 fully insulated sports enthusiasts have tried it – mainly back-packers in South America. It’s the flip side to snow boarding, with the added threat of falls on rock – and the odd exploding volcano. Although Edinburgh Castle is, apparently, built on an extinct volcano, if you’re looking to volcano board in the UK you may struggle. But check out a range of other extreme sports by clicking here.

Train surfing

Train surfing is a headache for train operators in India and South Africa. The above film shows an infamous German protagonist who called himself ‘the trainrider’. The film claims he died of leukaemia. However, it’s thought more likely that the video was posted by fellow ‘S-Bahn’ surfers in an effort to avoid the authorities.

For extreme sport enthusiasts who wish to remain alive and out of jail, there’s a range of activities available here.

Kite surfing across the sea

Thursday, September 16th, 2010No Comments

Five intrepid kite surfers braved the Irish Sea for a marathon 9-hour journey from Cloghy in Northern Ireland to Silloth, West Beach in Cumbria. The five kitesurfing enthusiasts – Fraser Dooley, Martin Sandwith, Stuart Wood, Nick Elliott and John Flynn – withstood the rigours of the Irish Sea to become the first people to kite surf from Ireland to England.

The team celebrating becoming the first people to kite surf across the Irish Sea

The team celebrating becoming the first people to kitesurf across the Irish Sea

Bad weather in the summer of 2009 meant a previous attempt to do the crossing had to be abandoned. In 2008 the kitesurfing friends set a record by surfing the 30 miles from the Isle of Man to Ireland. But the 110-mile crossing of the Irish was not a record. Professional kite surfer Kirsty Jones was the first to kite from Ireland to Wales and she holds the current record of 149 miles when she kited non-stop from Africa to Lanzarote. The Cumbrian kite surfers raised money for three charities – the RNLI, NSPCC and the Maryport Inshore Rescue.

Branson’s birthday kitesurf

Sir Richard Branson, who counts kitesurfing as one of his favourite sports, celebrated his 60th birthday with an attempt to kitesurf across the English Channel, along with five-time world champion Aaron Hadlow and Laird Hamilton. However, strong winds and choppy seas across the channel meant the billionaire businessman’s birthday attempt to become the oldest man to kite surf the channel had to be abandoned.
richard branson fails
If you haven’t tried kitesurfing and want to dip your toe in the water, click here

Extreme sports photography and video competition

Wednesday, September 15th, 20101 Comment


Can you capture on camera or video, the thrills, danger and adrenalin of extreme sports? Because if you can Adrenamag wants to hear from you. We’re running a competition to find iconic extreme sports images – and sound if it’s video – that record some of the essence of the extreme sports adventure.

It doesn’t matter what extreme sport your video or photos record. Or even which part of the action you focus on. We are interested in the quality of the result.

Judging the competition will be top professional photographer Stuart Brill. Two of his photographs of BMX riders is shown here.


The best three entries will win framed copies of one of Brill’s photographs together with activity vouchers worth £100, £50 and £25 for the three winners.

Below is an example of a terrific extreme sports video. It was filmed by Gary Wainwright at the four-way National Skydiving championships in California. The video captures all the action and tells the story of the skydive in a fast-paced way. If you have similar video or totally different videos and photographs – we want to see them.

The competition runs until November 30 2010. But get your entries in now.  Send your photographs and videos to info@adrenamag.com. The top winning entries will be featured in Adrenamag

Jump in the zorbing ball before season stops

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The UK zorbing season will roll to a stop at the end of October and the ball won’t start rolling again until April. Therefore, there’s just a few weeks left to catch a ride in either a hydro zorb or a dry zorb.

After that date, UK zorbers will have to head to somewhere like New Zealand – the home of zorbing – to get their zorbing fix. Paula, a 30-year-old designer, who tried dry zorbing for the first time over the summer, said: ‘It is a really good laugh and you don’t need any equipment or training. And it’s pretty good value.’

To book before the last few weeks are sold out, click here

Five extreme sports ways to congratulate students

Monday, September 13th, 20101 Comment

The media has been full of graduate horror stories for weeks. Students who failed to get into a university because of the fight for places. Then there are students who didn’t get their grades. Oh and students who’ve got bags full of top grades because exams are too easy now. So how about sparing a thought for all those students who’ve slavishly worked their nuts off for the last two or three years? Here are five extreme sporting ways to say well done or goodbye to a graduate who’s off to university this autumn. Or even cheer up a student who’s back with their nose in a book in September by giving them some extreme sports gift vouchers.

1. Bungee jumping. As the intrepid student starts a new chapter at university, why not put a spring in their step – give them a bungee jump into their new life. Vouchers for two 170ft bungee jumps cost £120. It doesn’t have to be the world’s highest bungee jump to stand out in the memory. Click here for more details.

2. Bridge swinging. Show a graduate son or daughter that you have your finger on the pulse of extreme sports by buying them a voucher for bridge swinging. It will set you back £89 but will provide some great family memories and video footage. Click here for more details.

3. Paintball. How about half-a-day or a day’s paintball to fire away all that latent stress? It’s good for the family or ideal if they prefer a last blast with a bunch of old school mates. Half-day vouchers for two are £35. Click for details.

4. Canyoning and coasteering. Canyoning is an increasingly popular sport with people in their early twenties. Let’s face it few other age groups are up to it. If you don’t know, canyoning is a white water raft down a river gorge – only without the raft. Part mountain climbing, part pot holing, part diving, part horror show, it’s full-on action. An £84 gift voucher will get a student near you a piece of the action. Click here for details.

5. White water rafting. Alternatively reward your graduate with a real-life roller coaster ride in a white water raft. If the whole family wants to go, it’s a great bonding experience for the student who has to fend for themselves in the big world. Gift vouchers start from £82. Click for details