Extreme sports top bucket list must-dos

Thursday, November 7th, 2013No Comments

Extreme sports, it seems, feature on most people’s top 50 list of things to do before dying. Research carried out across the web on 100 so-called bucket list blogs by Activity People – the UK’s largest network of extreme sports providers – shows the most common things people want to do before ‘kicking the bucket’ are skydiving, parachuting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, hot air ballooning and driving a Formula 1 car.

More unusual sports that feature include: riding a bull for eight seconds, heli-skiing – where a helicopter takes the skiers to inaccessible slopes  and wing-walking.

Considered the master of all bucket lists, this outlines the top ‘things to do before I die’. Rebecca Rudkin, a spokesperson for Activity People, said: ‘It shows that people either want to visit a particular place such as the pyramids or the Grand Canyon or experience an adrenalin sport like sky diving. See the list here

‘Rather than being depressing, most people regard the lists as a bit of fun and a reminder that life is short and if we really want to do something, we need to get on and do it. We are, after all, a long time dead,’ added Rebecca. To make more of living, click here.

Clay and kart day team building for West Ham

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011No Comments

West Ham United, who’ve spent most of the football reason firmly rooted to the bottom of the English Premiership table, decided to reverse their fortunes with a day’s karting and clay pigeon shooting. The team bonding session was revealed by England international striker Carlton Cole on Twitter.

West Ham Karting

Avram Grant, West Ham’s beleaguered manager, no doubt hoped to sharpen the striker’s shooting skills with a day hitting clays. No one at the club was available to comment on whether the karting laps got the team motoring or whether the team’s star player Scott Parker used the go-karting day to practise his corners, but the signs are looking good. After the team-building event, West Ham achieved their best result of the season with a win over Liverpool, to lift them off the bottom of the table for the first time. If you want to try karting click here, or clay pigeon take a shot here

Win extreme sports vouchers for spring

Thursday, March 17th, 2011No Comments

Win some extreme sport’s vouchers to kick off your spring, by answering this simple question. New Zealand is the spiritual home of extreme sports, but which southern island city suffered a tragic earthquake earlier this year. Was it: A) Auckland? B) Wellington? C) Christchurch?

Send your correct answer – either A, B or C to: info@adrenamag.com Closing date for entries is April 30th, 2011, midnight GMT.  (If you want to donate to the appeal visit www.redcross.org.uk/nzearthquake or call 0845 054 7200.)

How do I get my kid into karting?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011No Comments

Karting is a great sport for kids. Says who? Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button, to name a few junior karters. No wonder then that junior go karting is buzzing with would-be F1 champions and junior thrill seekers.

So how do you get motoring into the sport? Well, one of the reason’s that go kart racing is  booming is that there’s so few barriers to entry, according to Chris Pullman, senior operations consultant at the track in Kent where both former F1 world champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button first got to grips with racing.

‘Racers as young as four are welcome,’ he says. ‘Obviously, we don’t stick them on the petrol karts but they can ride on our electric karts around our Kids Mini GP Circuit and they love it.

‘Then from six onwards, youngsters can get involved in the Bambino School. This prepares them for the faster karts by teaching them important skills such as pedal control, steering, control of the kart and safety awareness.

‘Traditionally, the earliest children could start racing was at eight. But, as they mature quicker these days, we feel there is a great opportunity for them to learn the basics of driving to prepare them for full racing at eight years of age.’ To race competitively in the UK, eight is the age to be but with the continued success of British drivers in the F1 championship, it’s understandable why kids from as young as four are keen to get behind the wheel.

If you want to spin around some karting circuits for your kids. Or even for yourself, click here.