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Adrenalin Activity Passport

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Need a Gift that Can’t Fail to Impress? How About an Activity Passport from the Biggest Activity Network in the UK?

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Established in 1995, The Activity People is now the biggest and most diverse activity network in UK with over 883 venues. So, when you give an Adreenalin Activity Passport from The Activity People, you are giving the recipient the choice of taking part in any of those activities, anywhere in the UK – an unrivalled adrenalin activities gift.


The Activity People are the preferred activity network for Visit Britain, who put their trust in them to provide activities to UK travellers together with visitors from overseas. The Activity People’s numerous locations and activity diversity means they can also provide activity-based incentive and reward schemes to leading UK companies together with activity options for event managers, gift experience companies and stag and hen organisers.

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Bachelorette party and stag ideas for a Royal celebration

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Prince William and Kate Middleton may have named the wedding day as Friday April 29, but now the big question is: where and what will the Royal couple do for the stag and hen  parties? Just how will the world’s most famous engaged couple celebrate their last moments of singlehood? What are the top stag venues? And what are the best bachelorette party ideas?

Speculation grew that Prince William was checking out Blackpool as a possible stag destination when he attended a Premiership football match in the city with friends. Online bookmaker Betting Pro has Blackpool at 50/1 as a possible stag destination with casino capital Las Vegas at 25/1 and Kenya, where the couple got engaged, at 33/1. The current favourite destination is London at 6/4 while Scotland is a 3/1 shot.

Adrenamag has some suggestions for adventure activities and destinations for the happy couple. Five stag party ideas for Prince William:

Edinburgh. As Scotland is right up there in the betting and the Royal Family has a strong association with the country, Edinburgh is a capital choice for Prince William and his stags. The home of shooting, golf and whisky, it would be difficult for the Prince not to enjoy himself here. And, as an ex St Andrew’s University student, it will remind him of tucking into his Scottish oats.

Newquay. Cornwall’s surfing capital is another top extreme sports destination. Prince William’s love of the outdoors is well known so he’ll no doubt relish the spring tides.


Newcastle.The party capital of the north, Newcastle is a favourite budget stag destination; if the Prince wants to rein in the spending and the Northern lasses, this could be the toon to be in.

Birmingham.The UK’s second city may not be high on the stag party betting stacks, but believe or not, it’s a top extreme party destination. Bostin’ night life as the locals might say, together with a range of four-wheel adventures means Prince William, and likely best-man Prince Harry, should check it out. And combine it with a visit to Prince William’s favourite football team – Aston Villa.

Brighton. London by the sea, Brighton has it all. Exotic night-life and pulsating activities. Oh and it’s by the sea.

Five bachelorette party ideas for Kate Middleton:

London. The capital may be top of the betting for her fiancé’s stag party, but Kate and friends need to get in there first. Shopping, shows, restaurants, discreet clubs, want more could an about-to-be Princess want?
kate shopping
Bournemouth. A girlie weekend on the south coast. Apparently hen parties like to travel around the resort in a fire engine limousine. This may help Kate get used to waving at crowds.

Manchester. The BBC is heading up to Manchester, Kate and her friends would no doubt be welcome too. It boasts one of Europe’s most colourful gay areas, where exotic hen costumes and pink outfits are what everyone wears.

Cardiff. The Royals have political considerations to consider, so a night in the ’Dif may spread some royal cheer to the Principality.

Glasgow. Kate met her husband to be in Scotland and must have lots of friends in the country, so how about a weekend out in Glasgow? A former European Culture Capital it has a lot to offer. A popular hen party experience is cutting a CD in one of the city’s recording studios. Kate could even invite the Fratellis over for a session.

Stag capital Brighton.

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©Britainonview / Chris Dawes

©Britainonview / Chris Dawes

Research by the UK’s top stag event organisers Stagzilla reveals that Brighton is the top destination for stag parties. The Sussex seaside city – often referred to as London-by-the-sea – beat two northern funpots, Newcastle and Manchester, for the title of Britain’s number one stag venue.

Brighton – the home to attractions such as Europe’s biggest extreme sports festival White Air, the UK’s most famous old pier and the country’s first nudist beach – wins day and night with pre-nuptial males.

Visit Britain confirms that for short breaks, cities are more popular with the stag brigade, whereas seaside towns are preferred for longer breaks. Maybe the success of many of the cities on the stag destination list is down to offering both – Manchester is the only city in the list that isn’t located on the coast. Meanwhile, in the summer, Cornish surfing haven Newquay rides up the stag-do destination league as the fair weather surfers head into the water.

Stagzilla’s marketing manager, Chris Walters, said: ‘Most stags parties that choose Newquay will book surfing so they are looking for specific activities. Others will just choose a major city so they have lots to do in the day and evening.’

UK’s Top Stag Destinations:

1. Brighton

2. Newcastle

3. Manchester

4. Cardiff

5. Bournemouth

6. Newquay (summer months)

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