Cold weather? It’s s-NO-w problem

As we slowly but surely make our way towards December, the bitter arctic winds wait just around the corner. With the United Kingdom predicted to have the snowiest winter in 27 years; adventure-seekers may feel like their time to enjoy activities is coming to a close…when in reality the adrenaline-filled fun is just beginning!

December is a time when Combat Sports, in particular, come to life. Activities such as Airsoft and Paintball thrive in such wintery conditions, with the beautiful blanket of powdery snow providing the perfect camouflage for you and your troops to strategically make your way through the war-like battlefield.

Want to see just how fun it is? Watch this sniper as he tactically picks off his targets one-by-one, showing off his expert precision in the process!

If you’d like to take part in an authentic military experience like the one you’ve seen above, there’s a variety of different companies out there that can accommodate your need for all-out war. To help you out, we’ve found the UK and Ireland’s largest paintball and laser combat providers, Go-Ballistic and AirsoftCombat, and they’re guaranteed to find a battlefield near you.

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