Are you strong enough to take on Tough Guy©?

Next Event: Tough Guy® Mudathon©
Date: February 4th, 2018
Location: Tough Guy®, WV6 7HB
Distance: 12km (ish)
Entry Limit: 2500
Obstacles: Over 250!

The phenomenon of Tough Guy© has continued to evolve, and it now attracts a worldwide audience and an abundance of courageous competitors who come from all over to try and beat this ordeal and equally enjoy the unique spirit of the friendship and amiability that exists at a Mudathon.

Set in over 150-acres of fertile land, where spring waters will wash away your miseries and replace them with smiles of achievement, Tough Guy® is the ultimate challenge for any self-proclaimed competitor. Year upon year, the amazing staff come up with brand new ways to challenge you. The assault course is custom-built to be mentally demanding, fear-inducing and visually spectacular – meaning that those who’ve come along to cheer someone on will be able to have an amazing day out!

There’s no better feeling than taking part though, and after you’ve completed the mammoth task you will understand just why thousands upon thousands of people keep on coming back. Despite it being extremely challenging, it’s extremely rewarding and guarantees to change your life!

Its clear to see that the organisers at Tough Guy® have searched the world to find a more demanding one-day survival training ordeal and, based on reputation, only the US Navy S.E.A.L.S. ‘Grinder’ Assault Course even gets close! Upon completion of a ‘Grinder’ Assault Course, they shout ‘Hoo-Yah’! This is their own unique cry of triumph. At Tough Guy, they have their own traditions – crying out ‘Yohimbe!’upon completion. Only at the end of the event, will you know the true meaning of the word!

If you want to take part in this truly amazing event, you can sign up by clicking here.

The Tough Guy competition is open to men and women. Those as young as 15 can take part, but if you’re under 18 years old you must be accompanied by a parent. The event is uniquely fear-ridden, and you need to be fit in both body and spirit to survive the ordeal. You will not be alone though, as you line up with thousands will be by your side. There you will find the true spirit of Tough Guy.

Good luck!

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